Gluing Machines

Gluing Machines


Megadale has developed numerous gluing applications to help improve existing manufacturing processes. They vary from bench top gluing machines to standalone gluing machines.

In particular we have developed a machine that is capable of applying conductive glue to tubes.

Key features:

  • Ability to apply a layer of conductive glue 360 degrees onto a tube
  • Ability to apply glue to areas of different lengths
  • Ability to apply glue to tubes of various different diameters
  • Flow rates can be set and adjusted
  • Set up between changing product is quick. One touch disconnect fittings.
  • Very easy to clean the machine due to design layout.
  • Ability to store large volumes of glue in reservoir
  • Supplied as compact bench top machine or stand alone machine.
  • Manufactured to FDA standards and are CE Marked.

Gluing Machine 1     IMG_1404