Laser Printing & Packing Machines

Laser Printing & Packing Machines


Megadale supply standalone industrial laser printing and catheter packing machines. These machines vary in size, functionality, operation and are used for printing product numbers, product descriptions, product logos and 2d barcodes onto products and then packing the catheters into hoops.

Main Machine Features:

  • Manual or automatic presentation of product for printing.
  • Automatic vision Inspect of the printing area for defects pre printing.
  • Fast and effective printing cycle.
  • Automatic vision inspection of print post printing cycle.
  • Reject station.
  • Servo controlled placing of catheter into hoop.
  • Automatic 100% vision inspection of the full catheter to detect presence of unwanted heat shrink and tfe components on the catheter.
  • Detection system to confirm the catheter has been correctly packed into the hoop.
  • Automatic hoop handling system. Can provide machines for single hoop loading or machines that can load numerous hoops that are automatically and individuality presented for loading.
  • Automatic discharge of the hooped product from the machine.
  • Custom designed lighting systems for individual products.
  • Touch screen operator interface for machine & vision system control.
  • Manufactured to FDA standards and are CE Marked.


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 lighting 3    vision 2