Robotic & Vision Systems

Robotic & Vision Systems


We integrate and build advanced robotic solutions for a wide array of applications including packaging, component handling, assembling and automatic inspection systems. These systems vary in size, functionality and operation. They can be bench top units or standalone machines.

We design and manufacture end-of-arm tooling, including vacuum, custom grippers and clamping for individual products.

Each system is backed by our outstanding standard of service and support.

Systems developed by Megadale have been used for the following:

  • Handling and inspecting products for defects caused by incomplete manufacturing processes.
  • Inspecting products for damage caused from handling.
  • Assembling components.
  • High speed packing systems.
  • Spraying systems.
  • High speed vision systems for product verification in packing systems.
  • Automatic packing systems with incorporated custom designed lighting systems for individual products.


scoop picker 2     segment loader 2

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