Scoop Inserter

Scoop Inserter

Megadale has developed a machine for inserting scoops into cans. It can be used to replace existing scoop insertion processes or for new packing lines. Each scoop inserter machine is tailored designed for each individual process and is designed to meet our customer’s requirements. Each machine is designed based on the can rates, can sizes, scoop types and space requirements supplied by the customer.

Main Machine Features:

  • Ability to pack numerous can sizes – cans with different diameters and heights.
  • Gentle handling of cans.
  • Machine can pack numerous types of scoops.
  • Open side conveyors provide smooth handling of scoops and ensure there are no catch points for handles.
  • ABB robots used for scoop insertion into cans.
  • Bespoke scoop picking heads for robots.
  • Scoops are presented for picking in lanes.
  • Bulk scoop storage in specially designed scoop hopper.
  • Can recycling.
  • Scoop in can inspection. 
  • Can rim inspection. 
  • Can rejection. 
  • Machine designed to reduce Line Clearance time.
  • Touch screen operator interface for machine & vision system control.
  • Manufactured to FDA standards and are CE Marked.

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